lief.is_vdex(*args) bool
lief.is_vdex(raw: list[int]) bool

Overloaded function.

  1. is_vdex(path: str) -> bool

Check if the file given in parameter is an VDEX

  1. is_vdex(raw: list[int]) -> bool

Check if the raw data given in parameter is a VDEX

lief.VDEX.version(*args) int
lief.VDEX.version(raw: list[int]) int

Overloaded function.

  1. version(file: str) -> int

Return the VDEX version of the file given in parameter

  1. version(raw: list[int]) -> int

Return the VDEX version of the raw data given in parameter

lief.VDEX.android_version(vdex_version: int) lief.Android.ANDROID_VERSIONS

Return the ANDROID_VERSIONS associated with the given VDEX version


lief.VDEX.parse(*args) lief.VDEX.File | None
lief.VDEX.parse(obj: io.IOBase | os.PathLike, name: str = '') lief._lief.VDEX.File | None

Parse the given filename and return a File object


class lief.VDEX.File

Bases: Object

VDEX File representation

property dex2dex_json_info str
property dex_files lief.OAT.Binary.it_dex_files

Return an iterator over File

property header lief.VDEX.Header

Return the VDEX Header

class it_dex_files

Bases: object

Iterator over lief._lief.DEX.File